Go Paperless with Anton And Gas Engineer Software!

Integrating your Anton gas analyser with Gas Engineer Software helps you go paperless quickly and easily, streamlining your business. But why should you?

Wireless Communication

All Anton analysers from the Sprint Pro3 and above offer wireless connections to both Android and iOS devices. This means that whatever device your engineers are on while they're out in the field, their FGA will work seamlessly alongside it.

This also makes it easier if, as a business, you want to switch from one platform to another - there won't be any downtime or disruption to your normal services as you transition from iOS to Android, or vice versa.

Protect Your Business With By-The-Book Compliance

We all know that mistakes can happen - but why not take steps to minimize the risks?

To help make your reporting as reliable as possible, Anton FGAs send data directly to your app of choice after a test - this eliminates human error, and your records will be more accurate than if they had to be copied across by hand.

More importantly, the analyser provides the traceable information you need to protect your business in the case of an audit. Report data is sent as a packet with the serial number of the FGA used, the calibration due date, the time and date it was captured, and more; so if you need to prove the quality of an engineer's work, all that information has already been recorded and cataloged for you to refer back to as evidence.

At the end of the day, proper compliance isn't just a "nice-to-have", it's a must - after all, accurate reports and safety checks help keep your customers safe - which is why we're so passionate about providing it.

Save Time Where It Counts

We all know how time-consuming paperwork can be - filling out the same information in the same boxes at every job you go to is a chore. And those wasted minutes add up - your business could be spending an extra ten hours per week, per engineer on paperwork. How much extra work do you think you could fit in if you got that time back?

Anton and Gas Engineer Software can help you find out. When you take readings using your Anton gas analyser, you can send the results to your mobile app instantly - so you don't have to copy anything over manually!

Plus, when creating a standard document like a Landlord Gas Safety Certificate, Gas Engineer Software will autofill customer names and addresses if you've done work at a property before, and adding appliance details is as easy as pushing a button.

Use Anywhere - On Any Device

By integrating with Gas Engineer Software, you gain access to cloud-synced backups of all your engineers' data, which can be accessed again on any device - from iOS, to Android, to your desktop computer back at the office!

All this data is protected by bank-level encryption and can be restored to any second in the last 2 weeks or to any day in the past 4 years. This gives you total control over every job sheet, quote, invoice, FGA reading, and certificate that you create.

On top of this, the software also syncs the built-in calendar across all your linked devices, making it the perfect option for managing your growing business more effectively.

Old-School Certs When You Need Them

We don't want to lock you into one way of operating; while we think digital paperwork is the way forward, we know that not everyone is there yet.

That's why certificates completed in Gas Engineer Software can be issued and printed straight from the software, as can your Anton gas analyser readings (which are generated as a handy PDF once you've sent them to the app) - so if your customers haven't quite caught up to the idea of using digital forms yet, they can have a physical copy of their certificate just as easily.

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